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Women's Volleyball

2014 Women's Volleyball Libero & General Skills Camp
Date(s): 07/09/2014
Libero Camp: Campers attending this camp will work on every aspect of overall ball control with the primary emphasis being on passing and back court defensive skills. General Skills Camp: This camp will focus on the development of basic skills. Each session is designed to help campers improve fundamental skills of serving, passing, digging, and attacking.
2014 Women's Volleyball Hitter & Setter Camp
Date(s): 07/09/2014
Hitter Camp: The emphasis of this camp will be to develop stronger front court skills of attacking and blocking by reviewing fundamentals and focusing on approach and arm swing work, blocking techniques and decision making. Sessions will consist of individual skill work coupled with combined training with setters for attacking and transition work. Setter Camp: Campers attending our Setter Camp will focus on all the skills needed to become a more effective setter. Although the majority of training will consist of footwork, hand contact and setting repetitions, campers will also work on defensive skills, blocking, decision making, and setting live attackers.
2014 Women's Volleyball Individual Skills Camp
Date(s): 07/06/2014-07/08/2013
General Skills Camp (Ages: 9-18): Designed to teach campers the basic fundamentals for attacking, setting, passing, defense and serving. Campers will also compete in camp competitions. Positional Camp (Ages: 12-18): Designed to focus on specialized skill training and development specific to camper's position. Campers must choose to participate in position training for Middle Hitters, Outside Hitters, Setters or Liberos.
2014 Women's Volleyball Team Camp (Individual Registration)
Date(s): 07/11/2014-07/13/2013
The Ball State Volleyball Team Camp will provide your team with a balance of individual and team skill development along with steady competition. This format will equip your team with the experience to be more successful this fall.