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Ball State Sports Link
Photo by: Ball State Athletics
Ball State Sports Link: Be A Fan TV Show

Be A Fan, the Emmy-nominated sports magazine show produced by the nation's only fully immersive sports media production program, Ball State Sports Link, airs multiple times monthly on WIPB-TV, Comcast Indiana and Fox College Sports.

The monthly program is Ball State's only sports magazine show covering all sports. The show prides itself on telling the best stories from Ball State athletics.

Be A Fan, can be viewed at a variety of times on a variety of channels, including nationally on Fox College Sports. Ball State Sports Link is the only completely student-produced programming to air on the national network, reaching nearly 56 million homes and the 25 largest media markets in the nation.

WIPB-TV in Muncie and Comcast Indiana also air the show. Comcast Indiana is the state's largest cable provider, reaching subscribers across the state, including Indianapolis and Fort Wayne.

Fans can also watch Sports Link programming anytime through Comcast On Demand. The outlet is available by accessing on demand, then selecting the Hoosier TV option and then sports. Ball State Sports Link has it own channel through Comcast Xfinity. 

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