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Amanda Arnett Continues Softball Blog Series

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Release: April 02, 2014
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   MUNCIE, Ind. - - Fans looking to find out more about the Ball State softball program will have an opportunity to hear from the players with the launch of the Ball State Softball Blog Series.

   Throughout the 2013-14 school year, each member of the team will get a chance to tell their story about Ball State in this exclusive series which will include both written and video blogs, as well as pictures from the road once the season begins. 

Blog Entry #14 - Amanda Arnett (April 7, 2014)

My name is Amanda Arnett, I am a freshmen shortstop from Monroe Michigan studying speech pathology.

We just finished our first home weekend of conference and we have been really fighting the weather this season so we were only able to play Toledo. Our team is really excited to have started conference and to start our journey through the MAC. We have a lot of goal to accomplish and this is just the start.

Our team has been taking a tarp on and off the field a lot lately.  It’s been a bit of an adventure, including worms, flying dirt and a very angry tarp.

Tarp: 2 Amanda: 0

After the game Saturday we had a chili cook out that was a ton of fun. It is awesome to have our team and our families together on a beautiful day. The food was great especially after a long softball game.  

Before our games we were presented with a bit of a surprise. Tevin Studdard made our team an awesome rap that included all the girls on our team. It really got us pumped up and it was just what we needed. We started playing it in the first innings of the games and its awesome to warm up to. Tevin did a great job!

This coming weekend we will be playing at NIU and Western Michigan. This is a very special weekend for me. I have family in Chicago that will be attending our games at NIU that I am really looking forward to seeing. I am extremely excited to play at Western as well. Both of my parents attended Western and I grew up in a small town called Middleville right down the road. I have a lot of important people in my life that will be able to watch me play at Western. They have supported me through this journey and it is very exciting to know that they will be at this game supporting me like they always have. 

I am excited to see what this week will bring!

Chirp chirp gotta go to work work


Blog Entry #13 - Briana Evans (April 2, 2014)


I’m Briana Evans and I am a sophomore outfielder from Tulsa, Oklahoma. 

We recently finished up the non-conference portion of our season.  The last few weeks had been kind of rough for us.  We had to face a lot of adversity and had to find a way to pick ourselves up. 

Though we had a few rough weeks, we finished on a high note with a win against UMKC for our last preseason game. 

We were really excited to start conference this weekend but naturally it decided to snow and our whole weekend of games were cancelled.  We were super bummed that the whole weekend of games were cancelled because we were ready to start conference off with a bang. 

Even though we basically drove to Ohio just to drive back, we did get a nice home-cooked meal by freshman Jocelyn Rivera’s family so the trip wasn't a total bust. 

Now we are back in Muncie for a while and we are really eager to begin conference at home, and even more excited we actually get to touch our field without there being snow on it. 

This team has so much to offer and I know we are going to start conference season strong.  We are extremely determined and expect nothing but greatness from ourselves for the rest of the season. 

I am really pumped to get this thing going!



Blog Entry #12 - Kelsey Schifferdecker (March 18, 2014)

Hello Cardinal Fans!

My name is Kelsey Schifferdecker and I am a sophomore pitcher from Belton, Missouri. I am currently a pre-business major considering a degree in either accounting or finance.

The pre-season is almost over! The past few weeks of playing have flown by and soon we will be beginning conference play.

Two weeks ago we played in Arizona against some very tough competition. The weekend included several exciting wins over South Carolina, Detroit, FIU, and a shutout victory against Arizona State! We were all very excited to play in such a beautiful stadium and enjoy some warm weather.

This past week included a long road trip throughout Alabama over our Spring Break. We traveled to Jacksonville State, UAB, and Auburn. Once again we played some tough competition and were hit with some adversity throughout the week. Despite the challenges we faced, we are determined to overcome them and come out a stronger and better team.  Losing is always difficult; however, there is always something to be learned, which will only help us become tougher in the long run.

This next weekend is exciting to me personally because we are headed to my home state of Missouri! While playing at Mizzou, we will also face North Dakota State and UMKC. I am very excited to see some familiar faces and finish the pre-season strong before conference play begins March 28th at Buffalo.




Blog Entry #11 - Loren Cihlar (Feb. 26, 2014)

Hello Cardinal fans!

   My name is Loren Cihlar and I am a junior outfielder from St. Charles, Illinois. My major is Health Science, in which I plan to become a dietician/nutritionist in the near future.

   This season has been full of excitement, as we have embarked on road trips to Texas, South Carolina, and our most recent trip to Tennessee. This past weekend we dominated all three games against Murray State, Morehead State, and Southeast Missouri State University. Along with going undefeated during the weekend, Coach Perry rewarded us with ice cream Sunday afternoon just before we began our long journey back to Muncie. That is one of the many perks of traveling with your team during season!

   This weekend we fly out to Arizona to play some of the toughest competition we have played so far this season. The weekends’ set of games will prove our capabilities against bigger schools. This will be a great learning experience for our team and a way for us to make a name for ourselves.

   Stay tuned this weekend to watch us take on South Carolina, FIU, Detroit, Minnesota, and Arizona State!

   Hopefully this spring we will see you guys out at our home field to watch Ball State Softball dominate the MAC once again!

Chirp! Chirp!

Loren Cihlar

 Blog Entry #10 - Hayley Cruthers (Feb. 20, 2014)

   My name is Hayley Cruthers.

   I am a freshman from Swartz Creek, Michigan. We are underway with our 2014 spring season and just finished our second weekend of games.

   The experience of traveling with the team is new and exciting. It is nice to be able to get away from the snow in Muncie every weekend. The flights, bus rides and hotel stays are a great time and full of fun adventures and team bonding.

   Opening weekend we played at Texas State. It was sunny and 70 degrees outside. We went undefeated and had a great first weekend.

   Last weekend we were in Spartanburg, South Carolina. The trip was a bit chaotic due to bad weather, but we were able to get three games in. Our first game was on Sunday against Virginia Tech. We were ahead 4-3 going into the bottom of the seventh inning, but were unable to keep the lead and lost 5-4. After the Virginia Tech game we played George Mason and won 2-0.

    On Monday we played USC Upstate and lost 7-2. Leaving Spartanburg with one win and two losses hurts but if you know anything about our team you know that we will not let this discourage us and only use it as motivation to work even harder.

   I am excited to see what the rest of our season has in store for us. GO CARDS!!!


Blog Entry #9 - Jessica Craft (Feb. 13, 2014)

Hello fellow Cards!,

   Last weekend, we ventured out to San Marcos, Texas, for our first tournament of the 2014 season.

   After a long day of travel Thursday, we put in some last-minute, late-night work at a local batting cage. This extra time in the cage proved to help us be successful, as we went guns a blazing Saturday, after weather canceled our Friday games.

   For our first game, we went up against Texas State. After a well-played game, we came up on top with a final score of 7-2. The excitement continued into our second game versus Texas A&M-Corpus Christi. After just five innings we ended the game with a score of 12-2.

   Despite being on dirt for the first time since October, we committed zero errors as a team on opening day, which was quite an accomplishment.

   Sunday was another great day for us. We played Southern Illinois in a tight game, which ended with a thrilling play at the plate, giving us a 5-4 win.

   All weekend our hitters demonstrated their power. Everyone in our line up had fantastic hits this weekend.

   Although we had a great start, we were not satisfied. We were back in the gym Tuesday to invest the work to be MAC Champs.

   I hope you all are just as excited as we are!

   Stay Humble. Stay Hungry! CHIRP CHIRP!


 Blog Entry #8 - Taylor Cooley (Feb. 4, 2014)

   Hi my name is Taylor Cooley and I am a freshman outfielder/second baseman from Chelsea, Michigan. I am a nursing major and hope to eventually become a Nurse Anesthetist.

   My excitement hasn’t stopped since I committed to Ball State. Getting the opportunity to play every day with a supportive team and coaching staff has made this college softball experience everything I hoped it would be. We have such a dynamic team, and more importantly we all work together producing a force to be reckoned with.

   Our team trains like champions day in and day out, and I am thrilled to be a part of “team 40.” It’s hard to believe we will be playing our first game of the season in less than a week, and in San Marcos, Texas no less. My bags are packed already! We have a schedule which will be taking us all over the country, and we cannot wait to show everybody who Ball State is.

   As our team continues to read “The Mental Conditioning Manual” by Brian Cain, we have gained insight to what it takes to go from being a good team to becoming a peak performance team.

   Earlier this week, we talked about “What is your reason “WHY.” The team and coaches wrote down their reason why they play or coach the game. In order to be successful, we have to have a purpose for what we do every single day. We wrote down our “reasons why” and hung them up in our lockers for inspiration and motivation every day.

   Monday night, we had the incredible opportunity to have motivational speaker Eric Thomas come to Ball State and speak to all of the student-athletes. He's an inspiration to many. Us Cardinals are pumped to have this unforgettable experience!

   Ball State softball has had tremendous success in the past, but this is a new year and a new team. We are going further in our season this year and I can’t wait for all of our fans to follow along with us.

   I’m thankful for my family, my teammates and their families, our coaches, trainers, strength coaches, and everybody who has helped Ball State Softball get to where we are today.

   We are ready to dominate the season!

   Chirp, Chirp!!


Blog Entry #7 - Nicole Steinbach (Jan. 29, 2014)

Hello Cardinal fans!

   My name is Nicole Steinbach and I am a sophomore pitcher from Merrillville, Indiana. I am a Sports Administration major with dreams of one day working with the NCAA or the NFL.

   Our season kicks off in a little over a week in sunny and warm San Marcos, Texas where it is sixty degrees, compared to the bone chilling temperatures here in Muncie. Each one of us cannot wait to finally play on a field again, and get some dirt underneath our cleats.

   These past few weeks have been tough, and we have been on the steady grind of pushing each other to reach the potential that Coach Perry and the rest of the coaching staff sees in us. Starting with heavy lifting and tiring circuits, to long practices and tough drills. Each day we are getting better and working hard to prepare for our tough schedule ahead.

   Together as a team we have been reading a book called, “The Mental Conditioning Manual” by Brian Cain. We were each assigned partners to present a chapter to the rest of the team. Along with each presentation we created an activity for the team to do that went along with the chapter’s lesson. Strengthening our mental side of the game will help elevate our skills to the next level.

   A team quote that we recently have been inspired by is, “If you don’t plan on going all the way, why go at all?” What this means to us is despite our successful past, we need to continue to work hard every day to ensure this year we continue the successful legacy of Ball State Softball.

   There is so much in store for us this season with a new coach, new team, but the same high standards. I hope you continue to follow us this season and hopefully make it out to a few home games!

Blog Entry #6 - Emily Dabkowski (Jan. 13, 2014)

   My name is Emily Dabkowski and I am a sophomore from close-by Plainfield, Indiana. I am majoring in Nursing and minoring in Interpersonal Relations, hoping to one day be an OB Nurse and potentially furthering my degree and becoming a Nurse Anesthetist. 

   Getting to know Coach Perry has been a great opportunity for our entire team. I think it has made our team a lot closer because we all had to work together to adjust to the changes of a new coach. I really think this change will bring great success to our team. 

   We just recently got back from winter break. We held our January winter camp and there was a great turnout. There are so many talented young ladies out there that have so much potential! Following the winter camp, we were supposed to start our spring classes but the weather kept us out of school for two days. However, the weather didn’t stop us from putting in the hard work to reaching our season goals.  

   This past weekend was our first team practice. Softball is 90 percent mental and 10 percent physical skills, so our coach brought in a sports psychologist to start the season off by working on our mental game. He also did activities with us to come out of comfort zones and to help us build trust with our teammates. 

   For example, we had to climb up a ladder and trust our team enough to be able to catch us when we fell backwards. I think this was a great way to start off the year because he provided us with so much information which will help with our mental game and allowed us to realize we have to be comfortable with the uncomfortable.

   The sports psychologist taught us an acronym which we will use on a daily basis. It is called 4RIP3 and it stands for: Routine, Recognize, Release, Refocus, Imagery, Process, Present and Positive. If we incorporate all these techniques into our softball game, it will allow our mental game to grow significantly. 

   With season approaching in less than one month now, we are all putting in the work it takes to reach our goals, whether it is in the weight room or on the field at practice. We have a tough schedule ahead of us this year but it’s nothing we can’t handle. We open our season February 7th in San Marcos, Texas, and we are so excited to see how all the hard work we have put in pays off!
   I hope you guys follow us all over the country this year and get to know “Team 40” because we are ready to make this year a big year and get our name out there that Ball State Softball is the team to beat.



Blog Entry #5 - Sammi Cowger (Nov. 25, 2013)

Hello Everyone!

My name is Sammi Cowger and I’m a sophomore from Fenton, Michigan. I’m majoring in Sports Administration with hopes of working in the community relations department of a college or professional sports program.

So I’m sure you’ve read the past few blogs and know that this year has been an entirely new experience for our team. We came back to school, fresh off a MAC Championship, to a mostly new coaching staff.  Our success this fall has proven that we are a team that can adapt and rock any situation!  I can’t wait to see what we can do this season!  

We recently put on a camp and the turnout was great! We love being able to coach and work with young athletes. I think that is a huge part of recruiting and developing talent. I was actually recruited at that camp three years ago! We’re having another one in January, so hopefully we will see you there! 

With our fall games out of the way, this past month we’ve focused on getting into shape and the smaller parts of the game. Our weight coaches have worked us hard, making us step it up every week! Every practice and workout, we are working with a few goals on our minds: getting another MAC championship, going to NCAA’s and adding a little more bling to our collection J

I think knowing how to achieve our goals is one thing that is really special about our team. Winning is a long, upheld tradition. We know what it takes to win and we expect nothing less than that. As a team, we want to win for each other and that keeps us focused and motivated every day. We’re definitely going to be a tough team to beat this spring!

Have a great day! CHIRP CHIRP!  

Blog Entry #4 - Taylor Cox (Nov. 12, 2013)

Hi fellow Cardinal fans!

My name is Taylor Cox and I am a junior from Orange County, California. I am a Pre-Law student, majoring in Marketing, with the hopes of one day being a medical lawyer and defending doctors being sued.

This year has been such a crazy change from what we are used to, but it has all brought out new challenges for our team, making us strive to be our best. Although the fall games might not have turned out exactly as we had all anticipated, we also achieved a ton with trying to figure out what our new coaches want and expect from us.

We are just now starting to slow down from twenty-hour workout weeks to eight-hour workout week. With less time together as a team, we are able to focus more on individuals and really concentrate on each position.

Each day, through practice, conditioning, individuals and weight lifting, we are all working towards one goal. To hold onto the MAC Championship title, add a MAC Tournament Championship and proceed on to NCAA Regionals.

With new ideas, new players, new talent and new coaches, I have full faith we will be able to accomplish all of those.

Don’t forget to always “chirp” it up!

 Blog Entry #3 - Selena Reyna (Oct. 28, 2013)

   Hi my name is Selena Reyna I am a middle infielder from Houston, Texas. I am a sophomore majoring in exercise science really hoping to one day coach the game I love.

   What brought me to Ball State first off was the team. The girls on this team are so great they made me feel right at home once I got here. The second thing was the campus. It’s really beautiful and the perfect size, not overwhelmingly big like some universities are.

   Last season, I was the team’s starting shortstop and made the MAC All-Freshman Team, which was a pretty big accomplishment for me. I’m hoping to improve every year.

   We finished our fall season off strong with an 8-0 victory over IPFW. I’m very excited about this season with our new coaching staff and incoming freshman. We have already made some positive changes to this program. It was a strong program last year, and we are going to keep grinding and build off our accomplishments from last season.

   What I love about this team is we are all on the same page and we have the same goals for ourselves and for the program. Playing on the field with these girls is a blast, and the bond we share is unbreakable.

    We are a family here at Ball State, always pushing each other to be better than we were yesterday.

   I’m super excited for this upcoming season. We are playing some big schools I know we can compete with. I cannot wait to get our name out there. For people to know who Ball State is and what we are capable of.

   We will make a big statement this year. Hope you are all ready to see some great Cardinals softball!


Blog Entry #2 - Shelbie Scamihorn (Sept. 20, 2013)

   Hi!  My name is Shelbie Scamihorn from Terre Haute, IN.   I am a freshman catcher at Ball State this year.  I am majoring in Telecommunications with dreams to one day be on ESPN!  I am so anxious and excited to be a part of the Ball State softball team.

   Just a few weeks ago I was packing for college, and now we have kicked off a great pre-season!  As a freshman this year, I’ve had a lot of new experiences.  We have been lifting and conditioning every day to prepare us for the upcoming season. Practice just recently started and let me tell you, I could not be happier being on the same field and playing with this team! Coach Perry, Coach K, Coach E, and Coach Rousseau have been great this year and have already taught me so much!  As a team, we are getting stronger mentally and physically.   I’m confident we will have a successful year!

   This past Saturday we kicked off our fall season with two wins against Taylor University. As a freshman, there was no greater feeling than putting on a Cardinals jersey and playing Division 1 softball. The amount of emotions flowing through me Saturday was unreal!

   After working at something so hard for so long, this is the time all of that pays off. Playing on the same field with these girls is truly an honor. The team chemistry is amazing and every play, every girl, pulls together to work as a team. The support that the team and coaches give to one another is truly special! You can definitely say my first college game was unforgettable!

   This team is truly a family!  I look forward to all the unforgettable memories we are going to make this season!



Blog Entry #1 - Hanne Stuedemann (Aug. 26, 2013)

  My name is Hanne Stuedemann and I am a junior outfielder from Mattawan, Michigan. I am majoring in pre-med with a minor in business in hopes of becoming an emergency medical doctor. I am very excited for this upcoming year!

   We had our first softball meeting and it was great to finally meet Coach Perry. She has already brought a lot of energy to the program. Along with that energy came some positive changes that will improve our team a lot!

   In a few days, we will be practicing as a team on the field and everyone is looking forward to playing together again after a long summer. I know we will do great things this year, including winning the MAC regular season and tournament titles. We have been extremely successful in the past and are looking to take the next step forward this upcoming season.

I hope to see you all at our next games! Go Cards!

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