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Code Red Dancers
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Jordan Knecht
Year: Senior
Hometown: Indianapolis, Ind.
Jordan Knecht Bio
Courtesy: Ball State Athletics
Release: 11/21/2012

NAME:  Jordan Knecht


HOMETOWN:  Indianapolis, IN

FAVORITE FOOD:  I love fresh watermelon

WHAT YOU LOVE MOST ABOUT DANCING ON BALL STATE’S CODE RED:  I love all of the great experiences I get to take part in such as the bowl game and the mac tournament with my teammates/sisters.

MOST EMBARRASSING MOMENT:  My most embarrassing moment is probably when I was in high school walking across the lunch room where I slipped and fell landing on the floor as everything on my tray came crashing down on top of me in front of everyone. It was such an awful moment but I just laughed it off and kept going all day covered in food from head to toe.