About Ball State Sports Link:

Ball State Sports Link is an immersive learning experience. The program allows students to write, report, shoot, produce and host a variety of sports programs.

The program is the first and only academic program in the nation where students are totally immersed in sports and electronic media.

During the semester, students will produce a broad range of media from live remote productions, live-to-tape events, television programs (WIPB-TV, Comcast Indiana, ESPN Networks, Fox Sports Net, Cardinal Vision 57), student-athlete features and webcasts.

Other facets of the immersion program include radio, newspapers, podcasts, social media and the use of mobile technology and interactivity via the web.

To maintain a focus on cross-platform promotion, students repackage the feature stories they create for local use at Ball State and send them to local news stations and outlets in the hometown of the featured player-on any platform the station may require.

TCOM is a member of one of the largest undergraduate communication colleges in the country -- the College of Communication, Information and Media.

The Sports Link offices and studios are located in the Ball Communications Building, while the David Letterman Communication and Media Building is a world-class facility offering state-of-the-art options for all students.




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