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Pat Quinn - Deptuy Athletics Director for Internal Affairs / Compliance & Operations
( 765-285-8907

Megan Coyne - Director of Athletics Compliance / Eligibility & Student Development
( 765-285-1196

Brock Hagerman - Director of Athletics Compliance / Rules Education & Interpretations
( 765-285-8581

Kayla Austin - Graduate Assistant for Athletics Compliance
( 765-285-5342

Mission Statement

The mission of the Ball State University Athletics Compliance Office is to uphold the rules and regulations of the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA), Mid-American Conference (MAC) and Ball State University (BSU); to monitor the processes and activities associated with such rules and regulations; and to educate institutional staff members, student-athletes and external constituents regarding such rules, regulations, processes and activities. 

Ball State University is committed to upholding the principles of institutional control in operating its Athletics Department in a manner consistent with the letter and the spirit of the NCAA, MAC and University rules and regulations. 

The Athletics Compliance Office coordinates, monitors, verifies and educates various constituencies of the University and community regarding NCAA, MAC and University regulations. We are dedicated to providing educational programs and interpretive support to ensure all individuals involved with the Athletics Department understand and adhere to the Ball State University's compliance expectations. 

Each individual within the Athletics Department is obligated to maintain competency in knowledge of NCAA, MAC and Ball State University legislation, to act within their realm of responsibility in full compliance with these guidelines and to report any violations of the rules. 

It is the goal of the Athletics Compliance Office to place the University in a pro-active position by educating, overseeing, and monitoring the Athletics Department, and maintaining a positive compliance environment. The commitment to excellence by the entire Ball State University Athletics family must be a priority in all aspects of the Compliance Office.


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