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Ball State Sports Link
Photo by: Ball State Athletics
Ball State Sports Link: The Brandy Woody Story

Since coming to Ball State, junior guard Brandy Woody has had the weight of leading the point guard position each season. 

While there were definitely growing pains, Woody has found the key ingredient for success -- confidence.  The result has also equaled success for her team in 2013. 

"The main thing I struggled with my freshman year and even my sophomore year was just confidence," Woody said. "Coming in point guard is a big position on a Division I college team."

Woody acknowledged during her first two seasons she felt overwhelmed with the fast pace of the game and her play on the court reflected the situation.

There was also another big change for Woody at the end of her sophomore season.  Former coach Kelly Packard left the program and new head coach Brady Sallee took the reigns.  

Sallee admits Woody’s recent success in not because of him arriving at Ball State.

"This all didn't just happen because I showed up,” Sallee said.  “This is something that has been coming.  Whether I was here or not, I think you would've seen a different Brandy Woody."

Woody’s numbers on the court speak for themselves. She is the first Cardinal guard to start as a true freshman since Kelsey Corbin in 2003 and is at the top of almost every statistical category in the Mid-American Conference.

But it's her hobbies -- and most recent birthday present – which are turning heads.  Hobbies, generally not associated with a young woman, ammunition and camouflage.

“I told my parents I wanted a shotgun for my birthday,” Woody said.  “Obviously I can be pretty girly, but I am not afraid to get my hands dirty and be outside.  It feels natural to me.”

Sophomore guard Shelbie Justice was one of the first teammates to hear about Woody's 21st birthday present. Like the rest of the Cardinals, she could not believe what Woody asked for. 

"When we found out she got it she was so excited," Justice said with a smile. "Really Brandy? That's what you wanted? It fits her perfectly."

And whether Woody is taking aim on the basketball court or outdoors, Sallee knows she is making a difference in every role.

“She’s a great personality,” Sallee said.  “She gives it back as much as I give it to her and those are the kids that are a lot of fun to coach.  She loves to hunt.  She loves to be outdoors. We have a lot of fun with it.

“I’m really blessed coming into this program and into this situation that I get to go to work every day with Brandy Woody, that’s for sure.”

Story By Josh Blessing | Ball State Sports Link

Video By Josh Blessing and Peter Loomis | Ball State Sports Link


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