Mission Statement

The Ball State University Strength and Conditioning Department embraces the mission of both the Athletic Department and the University.  In addition, it is the mission of the Strength and Conditioning staff to enhance each Cardinal athlete's athletic ability, while minimizing the risk of injury, in assisting them to achieve peak performance in their sport.

The Ball State Olympic Sport Weight Room boasts 3,400 square feet of training space and the following equipment that is utilized by 18 varsity teams.


BSU Strength & Conditioning Philosophy


One of many concentrated areas of our Strength and Conditioning program is core stabilization with an emphasis on injury prevention while maximizing both physical and mental development. Proprioceptive training and balance activities are implemented to target the physiological and neuromuscular systems of the body.

Our Strength and training program targets all muscles, joints and connective tissue, with a great deal of emphasis on training the posterior chain of the body, in order to target the muscles that are most responsible for speed and power.

The conditioning program includes the development of both aerobic and anaerobic energy systems through functional training, interval training, and distance training aimed at a sport specific protocol, while dedicating time to agility and speed development.

We dedicate time in educating the athlete on how to properly implement their nutrition on a daily basis to meet the high demands of an athlete both physiological and psychological. We believe that nutrition along with the proper training will allow them to achieve peak performance in their respective sport.

Each of the full-time staff members in the Ball State Strength and Conditioning program is a certified strength and conditioning coach.

To Contact the Ball State Strength Staff:
Worthen Arena: 765-285-5698  -  Football: 765-285-4472
Fax: 765-285-5123

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